Aloha part two

So my second full day in Hawaii started off early. I went on a catamaran, to go and snorkel with the turtles and fish!

It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I had brought a disposable underwater camera for taking photographs of the animals so I am hoping that they come out well.

When I got off the boat I needed some time to recover, I never knew I got sea-sick before but my stomach was in bits! I went to Starbucks and texted the Latino from Texas to ask him what the lads were up to. After a while I made my way back to the hostel to hang out before the Latino, air-force guy and myself went for a drive.

The aim was to go to this beach at North Shore and do some rock jumping, but alas, the parking was bad because of Memorial Day weekend. We ended up driving a little farther up the road to a beach that was relatively quite. It was golden, warm and so peaceful. The rolling waves were a hand-full but it was amazing to watch the sun go down in such a picturesque spot.  Continue reading

Living the dream

Today I realised that no matter how hard things feel sometimes, I am LIVING THE DREAM.

Seriously! I mean how lucky am I? I have an amazing family, amazing friends and I am on a 3 month holiday in America! I am off to Hawaii on Friday and I have no obligations back at home.  Continue reading

Everything is moving along

So in the last 24 hours things have been falling nicely into place! I have got my flights to Hawaii booked for May and I am very excited.

I am arriving on the islands a couple of days after M and her Mam and Dad and I will be spending a couple of days on my own on O’ahu while they are off exploring another island then we will meet up. My flight home I am dreading a bit though… I have two layovers between HNL and SEA… that is a mad amount makingi t an 11.5 hour journey but I am saving $200, enough to pay for my accommodation while I am there. Continue reading