What To Do

Have you ever thought about what you would do when a white lie turns nasty and sex turns dangerous?

I am faced with this dilemma. The Boy told me a lie, he thought he was curbing my jealousy by telling me a lie, to make me feel special.

Instead it made me make a decision that I would not have made with all the information. In any other situation I would have said it was as much my fault as his but the lie makes it an un-level playing ground.

The question is. How do I deal with this? I am being punished for behaving myself and not being promiscuous. While paying for my boyfriend not being able to keep it in his pants.

The lie is the hardest thing to deal with. I mean I am ok now but the fact is, with this white lie The Boy could have put my life in danger. Do I want to be with this person?

I love him so much but I just do not know if I can get past this. Suddenly my jealousy feels so trivial.

And do you want to know the stinger? Well now that he is faced with losing me, he is telling me all those things that I have been waiting three months to hear.

Oh my heart.

No Light in Your Bright Blue Eyes

Only the boys eyes are green.

I am with The Boy now. And most of the time things are so good I can barely breath. But then my doubts return.

I just cannot seem to trust him. He has so many¬†skeletons¬†in his closet (five times more then mine and he cannot get them out of his life regardless of how unimportant they are to him. I don’t understand this and it makes me feel so bloody insecure. I hate it. And I hate him for it.

Anyway here is the amazing Florence + The Machine to fill you in on his bright blue eyes.