Feminism and me

I am a feminist. I love being a feminist. I love standing up for what is right and supporting people.

I have started volunteering with the rape crisis centre and I love it. It is so interesting to share experiences with each other in a safe environment that show us that we are assaulted in one way or another and it has become normalised to a point that we don’t even discuss it anymore.

Wolf whistle here, stalking there, dates that get too gropey, men that don’t hear “no” and we have a narrow (if we are lucky) escape. It really worries me, it hurts my soul.

All men can be rapists. That’s a fact. They have the anatomy and the strength to overpower us and take advantage. If they have that in them they probably don’t even know. They see other men that attack as “them”; the bad guys. Then they go and lie to a girl to get her to sleep with them and don’t see how they are bad guys too.

I am fed up of the double standards, the victim blaming and the way that when each and every woman told her story she felt like she had to explain her clothing choice and all the precautions she had taken before her attack to PROVE that it wasn’t her fault.

I have been told it is normal to go through an “I hate all men” phase. I am fighting it with all my might and I know that a lot of women attack and undermine eachother and there is a lack of education and yadda yadda yadda. But seriously. I am in pain with all the stories, feelings and emotions.

There is a positive. I have met some of the most wonderful women in the training group and I am excited to get cloer to each and every single one of them. We are all so kind, thoughtful and supportive. At this point they are my Vancouver family and I don’t know what I would do without them.

It is sad that it takes a common enemy to bring people together.


7 thoughts on “Feminism and me

  1. A woman wearing makeup to make herself more attractive is just as big of a lie. It often makes a woman go from having an unattractive face to an attractive one.

    1. Are you likening rape to a woman wearing makeup? Most women (myself included) wear make up for themselves, to make themselves feel better… It has nothing to do with attracting men.

      1. I said nothing about rape. You wrote men lie to get sex. How many women do you think are willing to go on dates without their makeup? How many dating profile pictures are of women without their makeup on? It’s a lie that is socially acceptable. A double standard.

      2. So you think a woman wearing makeup is the same as a man saying “I really think you are special, I see us going somewhere.” sleeping with you then ghosting you is socially acceptable?

      3. I think I said the exact opposite. Wearing makeup and all the other artificial enhancements are socially acceptable. Men lying is not.

      4. My argument is that they are not comparable. A man growing a beard to cover imperfections is comparable to make up. Verbally lying to get someone into bed is comparable to nothing other then lying to get someone into bed.

      5. It goes a little farther than covering imperfections. Many times it’s a total transformation that lures a man to be with them for sex, short-term relationship or even forever. Without makeup they know their chances suffer greatly as a woman’s face is often her best asset for attraction.
        And a beard only covers half a face at most and at least the hair is real. If you have a sense of humour, I’ll let Chris Rock speak for this case.

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