Who’s Who

I am a journalism graduate (not that I profess to be any kind of a writer) and I decided to try to document this life-changing trip that I am going on for three months. I may also continue when I get home, when the real work begins at standing on my own two feet.

Edit. I have been back from America for quite a while now. It is nearly been a year since I left. A lot of the people listed below are not in my life anymore but I am going to keep them there incase you decide to read old posts. 

I am back living with my Mam. Things are far from easy. I changed and nothing much else changed. Also her rent is very high and the money that I spend on giving her paying her back, rent and paying the bank back for my trip means that I am very very broke. Thing are not moving forward and so I am still tugging at the apron strings, I have not yet been able to cut them.

Edit. In March 2013 I moved out with my long term boyfriend “The Boy”. I was very much in love although we had a lot of teething problems. We moved again in August , I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease in February and then in May when things had settled down a little he told me he didn’t love me anymore. I have started posting a lot more since this. I have struggled to cope. So one of these days I might have to update this list to include all the other new people in my life.

In alphabetical order… the people in my life.

A is Ks boyfriend. A really nice guy and a lovely couple *puke*. He is originally from India.

Aussie is a guy that I met in Vancouver who kept me company for a day. He had weird boxers.

The Boy, my BOYFRIEND! (now known as the ex. Or the dickhead)

C is Ms sister.

D is my male bestie back home. He stinks.

E is M’s best friend. I think they went to school together since they were small.

J is my bestie back in Dublin. She is Mayoish and lovely.

K is a girl whom I met over the internet. She came on the same night out as myself and L. She is originally from Hong Kong.

L is a girl that I met in Seattle though the good old internet. She is in America for a year from Germany and she is my life-saver and I return the favour.

M is the person that I came over to America to visit. We met each other in college for a year in Dublin.

Mam (mother for those who are not Irish) is the most amazing person in the world, she is my rock.

O is a kind of hot American guy who is friends with Y and runs hot and cold.

S is the ex. The one I want babies with and the one I seem to always hold out for. (S now has a girlfriend of nearly two years (Aug 2014) and he seems fairly happy which I am happy for him about. I do still miss his company especially since my relationship broke down in such an awful manner it would be nice to be able to chat to him to actually see if I deserved this awful treatment)

Y is an American friend of L and myself. I met him through L, he did the same programme as her only he went to Germany.

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