It is just me

So I get depressed. I mean really depressed. I don’t take anything for it because I am determined to pull myself out of it but my God I get bad.

And I am bad now. I am just spending so much time alone that I find it hard to be happy and see the good things. I can only see the bad. My cloud is back and it is big and black.

Usually my friends and family are so good in helping me but without my support network I struggle.

So today started off OK, it had looked like I had shook it off but then as soon as I was alone again it was back and with vengeance. First I got the bus into Seattle and started the bit of a trek up to Capitol hill. I had been there about 15 mins when I found out that M was planning on going to the cinema with her friend E within 1.5 hours. Continue reading

What I have been up to

Well last Friday I went to the tulip festival with M and her Mam. It was really pretty and a lovely day but unfortunately some of the blooms were not fully out.

I just ran errands on Saturday which is not really how I would have liked to have spent my day but being a guest and all it is so hard to argue. Also still have NOT had a night out here… this seriously needs to be rectified, the new dancing shoes I got are gathering dust.

Sunday I went to the pics with M’s cousin. We went to see Source Code which was “super good”. I am not going to lie; it was mainly due to the fact that Jake was in it.  Continue reading