I really liked Portland. I arrived there on Tuesday evening (it was meant to be midday but bloody Amtrak are a pile of crap) and I stayed until late Thursday.

I had such a nice time. Unlike most places I visit, I don’t really have any mad, crazy stories about the people I met. I spent most of my time alone. I think it is what I needed. Time to chill, just me, before I have to pack and get everything ready for NYC and then home.

Anyway the hostel was ok. I slept like a log the first night despite the fact that there was a snorer, the second night I didn’t sleep so well because the twin (I think thats how you say it when there is one set of twins) that shared our room spoke loudly in normal circumstances. They decided to host a gathering right outside our room past 3am with other hostel guests. This is against the rules and it was so bloody annoying. Other then that nothing annoying happened for the whole trip. Continue reading

It is time

So I suppose I should tell you about that time I stayed in a hostel in Seattle and went out for the night with people I didn’t know.

Well I had a blast with my new friends. L and K. L is from Germany and is actually staying near me which is cool so we are going to the pics later which should be good. K brought her boyfriend A and both of them were so lovely! We got into the VIP section and everything!

Nights out in Seattle are that little bit more casual then at home but fuck it! I like dressing up. My feet were in bits though… I haven’t worn heels in such a long time; usually it is 3 times a week and I hadn’t put a pair on for over three weeks! EEEEEKKK. Continue reading

So tonight

I am GOING OUT! So excited! I have a bed booked in a hostel in the centre of town and I am going with some girls in a similar situation to me that I met on the internet. M can’t go because she has to work (which sucks) but hell I am excited.

It is going to be my first time staying in a non-private roomed hostel but I am sure it will be fine… girls only! So today I Skyped my Mam and now I am going to take it easy. I may go for a bit of a walk around the neighbourhood (purely so my stomach looks flat in my dress tonight) and then I have to start all my night out prep.

Yesterday I managed to find Irish butter and my Father Ted DVD arrived so I was delighted with myself. So after a bit of a shit day it ended well.