Living the dream

Today I realised that no matter how hard things feel sometimes, I am LIVING THE DREAM.

Seriously! I mean how lucky am I? I have an amazing family, amazing friends and I am on a 3 month holiday in America! I am off to Hawaii on Friday and I have no obligations back at home. 

I am free… free as a bird!

I realised all of this while I volunteered at a golf tournament. I was put with people who work for a large company here in Seattle. Basically my job was to keep score. But what a friendly bunch of people they were. They had such an amazing outlook on life where whenever they were experiencing something fun, they would take a photo and say that they were living the dream.

I don’t know many people who think that way, but by the end of the day it had completely rubbed off on me. 

I also consider myself lucky because while I was having fun with these lovely people, C was stuck with people that concentrated more on the sport then having fun and by the end of the day I think she felt a bit sad. 

Just to prove how nice these people were, they put me in their team photo that everyone took home with them. I now have this lovely memory of some lovely people that I met just for a day (plus I fancied one of them).

While at the golfing thing, I had to wear golf-type clothes which was something new (and a bit scary) for me and I also learnt something about a game I had previously professed to hate. I don’t think I would say I would hate it again. I actually enjoyed spending the day looking at lovely views, in lovely weather outside dressed like an eejit.

And I stood less then 10 feet away from a lovely wild, but tame deer.  Oh and did I mention the view?!


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