The Final Letter (I Hope)

Everyone kept on telling me to delete you from facebook. But I was never going to because even though I really don’t like you now. I did love you more than anything else in the world. Three years of memories you just deleted in one hit of the “unfriend” button. I would understand if I had been uncivil or I was posting thinggs that would upset you but I hadn’t. I had kept my private private.

The first weekend after we broke up. You posted about how the cinema on your own was so much fun. It was such a low blow because that is what we used to do together. I have never done anything like that.

There were and are girls that you had flings with still on your facebook and yet someone that you shared a bed with for that long just gets deleted in a stupid rage. THAT WAS MY RAGE TO HAVE. You have taken every little bit of decency in this whole thing and taken it away. You have taken all of the memories and just dashed them. Between this and the lies I just wonder why you were ever with me because you obviously never liked/loved/respected me.

You saw me briefly on Friday with another man. It wasn’t on O’Connell Street because we were never on O’Connell Street. But is this why you have decided to be mean to me yet again? Or is it just you being you?

To be clear. The reason that I wanted to send someone else is because I am still so hurt by you. Seeing you does make me feel sick. Not because you are ugly. But because the Boy that you said you had turned into would never treat me like this. You are forgetting. I never broke your heart.

Edit: The response
“I don’t really know what to say to most of what you said. Memories never go away and I’ll always remember what we had.

I unfriended you out of anger because of how you’re acting about this money situation, demanding I hand over whatever was in my bank account “because it was yours” and how I didn’t deserve to save because you couldn’t, having me sign a “contract” to get your money back. It is something I regret doing and I’m sorry, it should have been your choice.

I enjoy the cinema on my own because it helps me unwind after work, It is not to rub it in that you’re not there anymore”

The generic answer from the most messed up man that I know. I actually started writing down our relationship a few years ago in a draft. One of these days I am going to publish it in parts.