So tonight

I am GOING OUT! So excited! I have a bed booked in a hostel in the centre of town and I am going with some girls in a similar situation to me that I met on the internet. M can’t go because she has to work (which sucks) but hell I am excited.

It is going to be my first time staying in a non-private roomed hostel but I am sure it will be fine… girls only! So today I Skyped my Mam and now I am going to take it easy. I may go for a bit of a walk around the neighbourhood (purely so my stomach looks flat in my dress tonight) and then I have to start all my night out prep.

Yesterday I managed to find Irish butter and my Father Ted DVD arrived so I was delighted with myself. So after a bit of a shit day it ended well.


Today is a lazy day… a bit like Monday was too. But it gives me the chance to Skype Mam; otherwise the time difference is off.

Yesterday I had a really enjoyable day though. I went to SAM and saw the exhibits they had on. There was a really interesting one by a Nick Cave.

Now. Upon arrival I was convinced that the Nick Cave in question was that of Bad Seeds origin and I could barely contain my excitement. But alas, it wasn’t to be. Instead it was another, equally talented Nick Cave. The exhibit was exquisite, the amount of work that goes into his textiles creations was epic.

I then ended up in Pike Place Market(how I got there I do not know)  where I went into a lovely French Bakery – the name of it evades me – and had a brie baguette and chocolate macaroons. AMAZING. Last week while I was in the market I had a pastry-type thing from a Russian shop called Piroshky-Piroshky the queue for the place is a mile long but well worth it. I had the potato, onion and cheese one. Continue reading


So, you know, I had a shindig… to say goodbye to me and my awesomeness.  It was so much fun. Ended in my drunken rambling and then falling into a coma of a sleep while my friends all chatted in my hotel room.

It was really the first party I have ever thrown or night out that I have ever organised (and yes that is including birthdays) and it went splendidly! Everyone got on well. My Mam even came! Class!

Then it was for the hangover on Sunday, I got over it my eating vast amounts of greasy food and then going to see Submarine in the cinema which was fairly good if not a bit Catcher in the Rye. Damn it being so sunny here this weekend though; my sunglasses just did not block out enough of the rays.  Continue reading