The Worst

I think the worst time for me isn’t going to bed at night, for that I wait until I am really exhausted and get a hot water bottle. Quick cry maybe but I fall asleep quickly enough.

No. The hardest time for me is the early morning. You know when you wakeup and you see that it is too early? I used to curl around him and wrap myself in and fall back asleep or I used to tell him what was on my mind and then drift off.

Most of my posts recently have been in this time. A time for me to reflect. Too much.

I haven’t spoken to him since Friday. I keep waiting for the ache to go away but it hasn’t. I don’t want to be the weak one and message him. He said he would contact me and ask me how my weekend was. My friend is over from England. But I have heard nothing.

He said that he was going to delete his online dating profile. Wanted to take a break from women and meet someone in the real world anyway. But instead he has changed it. Updated it. Looks like it has been written by someone else too. I really want to message him and tell him he should really change back to average body type as he has it down as athletic arm and it is seriously misleading.

Yet again

M doesn’t do what she says she will.

Anyway C (Ms sister) and myself did this mad crazy dance class in the gym, where we were all instructed to “touch ourselves” bit too mad for my liking.  Then after the class we were to meet L and M at the cinema to see one of two films. The first choice was Something Borrowed and the second, Bridesmaids.

On watching the trailer I decided I wanted to see the latter. I have to admit that it was mainly because of Chris O’Dowd. I miss the Irish accent. The last “Irish” man I met over here was named Sean… his family moved over in the 1850s!!! EIGHTEEN FIFTIES I TELL YOU. Anyway M wanted to see Something Borrowed, L didn’t care and so it was up to C. On watching the trailers and deciding that Something Borrowed was 27 Dresses “without the dresses” she also decided that Bridesmaids was the way forward.  Continue reading


Happy Easter!

So yesterday I went on this mad bunny bar hop around Seattle. It was good up to a point. I think that the main problem with it was that is started at noon. It meant that by three a lot of people were just too drunk.

I met two Irish guys though. Thought they were funny to begin with but in the end they turned out to be sexist, homophobic, and rude eejits so that disappointed me.  Then L and myself went to this roller disco thing. I was so nervous that I would break something that I wasn’t as out there as I would have hoped.  Continue reading

One of those ones

It was one of those no-good days today. I didn’t really get anything done. I have been trying to put of the inevitable, contacting the Citizens Information Bureau about issues for my return (i.e. having no where to live when I get home and obviously no money).

I am great at planning but pure useless to planning things when there is a possibility that it might not turn out right. This is why I have never planned a birthday party and why I give up studying for big exams/essays a week before the date. It is so if something is going to be unpleasant then I won’t know until I am in it.

Anyway do I did some shit menial things today like get my feet eaten by fish at Sole Therapy (which was strangely ticklish but enjoyable), go to the dentist for a cleaning and shop for some new, cheaper glasses (so if they decide to break while I am away it is not the end of the world).

I really really need to start packing though. You might think that it would be easily done but there is a lot more involved. Continue reading