Everything is moving along

So in the last 24 hours things have been falling nicely into place! I have got my flights to Hawaii booked for May and I am very excited.

I am arriving on the islands a couple of days after M and her Mam and Dad and I will be spending a couple of days on my own on O’ahu while they are off exploring another island then we will meet up. My flight home I am dreading a bit though… I have two layovers between HNL and SEA… that is a mad amount makingi t an 11.5 hour journey but I am saving $200, enough to pay for my accommodation while I am there.

Also next week I have booked a night in Vancouver so I can explore some of the sights there for two days.

I have made plans to go on a tour of Mt Rainier… the tour was reduced on Groupon.com so I will be going on the 10 hour tour of the mountain… I am so very excited to see it!

And last but not least, M, my new friend L, M’s friend E and myself are going on a mini road-trip to Forks! So we are going to do a bit of camping, stay in a hotel one night and do some hiking. All of the girls! This is sooo exciting… TEAM EDWARD!

It has only taken me three weeks to get things sorted but it is finally slotting into place.

On the other side of things I spent today amusing myself in Urban Outfitters looking at some bloody amusing books. The first was the Texts from Last Night book which is just hilarious. Another was a Chuck Norris book and the last was this embarrassing book on Awkward Family Portraits. Anyway people started looking at me as if I was special because I was laughing so hard!


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