Vancouver part two

I woke up this morning with a sore head. Not because of alcohol, but because I basically had to sleep in the middle of a disco. I am not impressed. Everything seemed great up till that point. Well that is apart from the curtains that weren’t hung right.

So anyway I left the hotel at checkout time (I really like to get my moneys worth) and went down the road to get some breakfast. It was so good. I had scrambled egg, these mad hash brown things (not made like at home), crispy bacon and an English muffin with a refreshing glass of orange juice.

So the day was off to a good start. I then went to get one of those open-top bus tours. I have never done this before but I actually enjoyed it. I saw a lot of the town. Granted, it wasn’t in detail but it was still nice to see what I saw. Continue reading


Vancouver part one

So today I arrived in this lovely city. It is located within breath-taking scenery, snow-capped mountains and water surrounding.

The people are lovely too. For the first time since crossing the Atlantic Ocean people have stopped to ask me OK when I pull out a map! This is something that would happen all the time in Dublin… we are friendly you know.

The bus journey up was kind of amusing. Four women and a bus driver on this big coach. Felt like we were being chauffeured.

I got through security OK, hint for travellers coming up to Canada from the US, make sure you booked the accommodation before you leave. I didn’t have to apply for any kind of ESTA to get up here for holidaying because of being from Ireland which is also dead handy. Continue reading


So today I stayed in, skyped my Mam for ages and tried to get back into the swing of things.

I think I am feeling better, it is helped that I was surrounded by people all day and of course my Mam brightens every day! I told M that I was feeling bad… she said that she is sure that everything will be fine. The way that she said it made me think that she has never had the depression thing before.

I have decided to go along with my plans to go to Vancouver tomorrow (even though Mam didn’t want me to) and to see how things go. It is only for one night; two days so I figure things can’t get too bad. I am hoping that there is a DVD player in the room so I can watch Father Ted. This always makes me laugh! Continue reading

It is just me

So I get depressed. I mean really depressed. I don’t take anything for it because I am determined to pull myself out of it but my God I get bad.

And I am bad now. I am just spending so much time alone that I find it hard to be happy and see the good things. I can only see the bad. My cloud is back and it is big and black.

Usually my friends and family are so good in helping me but without my support network I struggle.

So today started off OK, it had looked like I had shook it off but then as soon as I was alone again it was back and with vengeance. First I got the bus into Seattle and started the bit of a trek up to Capitol hill. I had been there about 15 mins when I found out that M was planning on going to the cinema with her friend E within 1.5 hours. Continue reading

The place in the family

This experience of living with someone else’s family has opened my eyes to how families function. It has made me look at my own extended family and see the way that it works.

I am not saying that all families are the same, that isn’t even possible but I do think it is interesting to see how your position in the family can change the way you interact with your relations, and even the wider world.

The oldest in the family, I think gets the raw deal. But at the same time I think they like the fact that they didn’t get the best place. They enjoy the power that comes with being the first born, the eldest and therefore the one in control. They got the raw deal in the fact that the parents didn’t really know what they were doing first time around so it was trial and error.

I also have found that a lot of weight seems to be put on the eldest child’s shoulders. They have responsibilities with babysitting etc. And to a certain extent this means that they grow up faster then their siblings do. Continue reading


Happy Easter!

So yesterday I went on this mad bunny bar hop around Seattle. It was good up to a point. I think that the main problem with it was that is started at noon. It meant that by three a lot of people were just too drunk.

I met two Irish guys though. Thought they were funny to begin with but in the end they turned out to be sexist, homophobic, and rude eejits so that disappointed me.  Then L and myself went to this roller disco thing. I was so nervous that I would break something that I wasn’t as out there as I would have hoped.  Continue reading

Everything is moving along

So in the last 24 hours things have been falling nicely into place! I have got my flights to Hawaii booked for May and I am very excited.

I am arriving on the islands a couple of days after M and her Mam and Dad and I will be spending a couple of days on my own on O’ahu while they are off exploring another island then we will meet up. My flight home I am dreading a bit though… I have two layovers between HNL and SEA… that is a mad amount makingi t an 11.5 hour journey but I am saving $200, enough to pay for my accommodation while I am there. Continue reading