Ok so I was just reading back on my previous posts. I realised that I should probably make something clear. Mr Stingy is the one that later dry humped me on the sofa and the one that I had sex with the same weekend as the Ex.

Mr Stingy will now be known as The Boy… you know why? Because he is my boyfriend. We have been together over a month ¬†and I am so silly happy most of the time it is actually quite sickening.

Of course there are bumps, quite a few actually but we are trying to learn. There is a difference in how we were brought up, education, tastes in general. We are polar opposites and it is taking quite a bit to get used to but we are getting there.

I am trying not to over-analyse things, it is so hard not to though, I am a woman after all. I have said “I love you”. I have not yet gotten a response but he is the type that when he actually says it he will mean it. He is brutally honest. Probably one of the reasons I like him so much.

Issues with his exes, both relationship exes and fuck buddies though.

Oh and even though I swore I would never tell him, he now knows my number… MORTIFIED doesn’t even cover it! I could feel his ego inflate.

Oh and the sex is amazing.