So the boy and myself have planned a holiday to Italy. Big deal I guess.

Problem is that last night we had a non-yelling, calm conversation where we told each other that we still loved each other but that we think we are over. But we are still going on holidays. It is kind of a big pain in the butt.

I just know that I can never get over the past. It is just whether or not the problems will ease. He is just such a goo liar that it is so hard to believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

This holiday will either be the end of us or the making of us. But hopefully, either way, it will be nice.

I would love

To have a bit of money. At the moment I am really fed up of being so broke it is not even funny.

If I had even a little bit of money I would be out of this place! I have such itchy feet it isn’t even funny. I kind of wish I was working in construction, just so I could join the Irish fellas and go over. I really did love Vancouver.

I found myself daydreaming about America again today. It is nearly a year since I boarded that plane for my life-changing trip. During pilates, I found myself seeing the view from L’s car as we drove over the floating bridge. Seeing all the mountains, snow capped and the lakes.

I need to get out of my life in a while. Just get out. Get out of me. Get out of home. Get out of my relationship. Just for a while. Take a holiday. Someone give me the money please.

New York

This is so long overdue that it isn’t even funny.  I mean it has been a month! I actually cannot believe I have been home from America for a month!

Anyway I am going to fill you in on NYC. I loved it there. I mean it started off emotional for obvious reasons (seeing my Mam for the first time in three months) and then it got back to being comfortable between us. The same as normal. Though obviously I have changed a little but things are being adapted now.

So on the first night we stayed out at the airport in the hotel because I arrived in so late (BTW I just LOVE JFK. It lived up to what I imagined it to be). The next day we travelled into the city and I felt like it was a film set. I think it was because I have seen it so many times in the films and programmes that I felt like I had already been there before.

So we checked in to our apartment (nicely situated on the west side of Central Park) and we started to explore the local area. We walked to the Hudson River; well I think it was the Hudson river. It actually doesn’t tell me on Google Maps! Continue reading


So the weekend just gone was when four girls took to the road and had a road-trip of epic proportions.

Everything started off a little weirdly with M and L. M wasn’t the most welcoming of people but once E arrived and we got on the road everything went swimmingly apart from a couple of moody spells on M’s behalf.

Anyway on the Friday we got the ferry to the Peninsula and then drove for what felt like forever. We brought supplies (which included alcohol, bit for the amount of rain we got it wasn’t enough) in Port Angeles and then drove on to the Makah Reservation. On the way we stopped off in the  Hot Springs in the Sol Duc area. The springs were man-made and not that impressive but the small waterfall nearby was pretty. Continue reading

Vancouver part one

So today I arrived in this lovely city. It is located within breath-taking scenery, snow-capped mountains and water surrounding.

The people are lovely too. For the first time since crossing the Atlantic Ocean people have stopped to ask me OK when I pull out a map! This is something that would happen all the time in Dublin… we are friendly you know.

The bus journey up was kind of amusing. Four women and a bus driver on this big coach. Felt like we were being chauffeured.

I got through security OK, hint for travellers coming up to Canada from the US, make sure you booked the accommodation before you leave. I didn’t have to apply for any kind of ESTA to get up here for holidaying because of being from Ireland which is also dead handy. Continue reading

Everything is moving along

So in the last 24 hours things have been falling nicely into place! I have got my flights to Hawaii booked for May and I am very excited.

I am arriving on the islands a couple of days after M and her Mam and Dad and I will be spending a couple of days on my own on O’ahu while they are off exploring another island then we will meet up. My flight home I am dreading a bit though… I have two layovers between HNL and SEA… that is a mad amount makingi t an 11.5 hour journey but I am saving $200, enough to pay for my accommodation while I am there. Continue reading

It is time

So I suppose I should tell you about that time I stayed in a hostel in Seattle and went out for the night with people I didn’t know.

Well I had a blast with my new friends. L and K. L is from Germany and is actually staying near me which is cool so we are going to the pics later which should be good. K brought her boyfriend A and both of them were so lovely! We got into the VIP section and everything!

Nights out in Seattle are that little bit more casual then at home but fuck it! I like dressing up. My feet were in bits though… I haven’t worn heels in such a long time; usually it is 3 times a week and I hadn’t put a pair on for over three weeks! EEEEEKKK. Continue reading

What I have been up to

Well last Friday I went to the tulip festival with M and her Mam. It was really pretty and a lovely day but unfortunately some of the blooms were not fully out.

I just ran errands on Saturday which is not really how I would have liked to have spent my day but being a guest and all it is so hard to argue. Also still have NOT had a night out here… this seriously needs to be rectified, the new dancing shoes I got are gathering dust.

Sunday I went to the pics with M’s cousin. We went to see Source Code which was “super good”. I am not going to lie; it was mainly due to the fact that Jake was in it.  Continue reading

I have arrived!

I am currently on my second day in America! What a culture shock… everything is so different.

People in shops (or stores) smile creepily at you when you walk in and “Awesome” is commonplace.  It is also very cool though. The Grocery stores are massive and there are bargins to be had! (Things can also be very expensive as well though so I think it kind of cancels out).

Plans for the holiday are still a little bit up in the air at the moment though… My friend M is still waiting to hear about work so plans can not be properly made.  The home that I am staying in is nestled in the forests and it is so pretty here.  We went to a waterfall today and because of all the rain it was very full. Continue reading