Living the dream

Today I realised that no matter how hard things feel sometimes, I am LIVING THE DREAM.

Seriously! I mean how lucky am I? I have an amazing family, amazing friends and I am on a 3 month holiday in America! I am off to Hawaii on Friday and I have no obligations back at home.  Continue reading

The 80s

So; the 80s is really fun! The clothes are fun, the music is cool and the dancing is rad.

Wearing a Dallas-style dress with huge shoulder pads and made of 100% polyester makes one sweat but it is all so worth it. THINK OF THE CALORIES!

Anyway after getting all dressed up with L we went to this bar downtown that a group had rented out for the party. K and her boyfriend were there and  it was so much fun. I started the night by getting fairly blotto but then of course sobered up as the night went on and the need for water because of excessive sweating increased.  Continue reading

Always happens to me

I have come to the conclusion that the most random days ever are eternally going to happen to me.

This is no bad thing though… it means that I rarely have a boring and dull day. Today started out menial enough. I got the bus into Seattle (where it was raining – again) and made my way to the first order of business for the day. This business being buying ballroom dancing shoes.

I had been putting off buying them at home for salsa because I thought that I would be able to get them cheaper here and that there was going to be a better range. So off I toddled to a shop downtown that I had found on Google. Now, this shop had gotten mixed reviews with people saying that the owner had an attitude problem and such.  Continue reading

The aussie

So I am going to fill you in on the Aussie.

After spending the day with him we swapped email addresses and awkwardly hugged. That was all that happened between us.

So a couple of emails were exchanged and I was told that he was going to be here for the day tomorrow. All is good in the hood one might say.  So I was all like “Sure we can meet up, what do you want to do?” and he is all like “Do you want to come onto my five-star cruise boat for seven days up to Alaska for $150?”  Continue reading


So the weekend just gone was when four girls took to the road and had a road-trip of epic proportions.

Everything started off a little weirdly with M and L. M wasn’t the most welcoming of people but once E arrived and we got on the road everything went swimmingly apart from a couple of moody spells on M’s behalf.

Anyway on the Friday we got the ferry to the Peninsula and then drove for what felt like forever. We brought supplies (which included alcohol, bit for the amount of rain we got it wasn’t enough) in Port Angeles and then drove on to the Makah Reservation. On the way we stopped off in the  Hot Springs in the Sol Duc area. The springs were man-made and not that impressive but the small waterfall nearby was pretty. Continue reading

Country dancing and such

So ye. We went to this bar out the outskirts of Seattle and it was like walking into a whole new world! A world full of hicks and hillbilly’s.

Anyway so it was L, K and K’s boyfriend and it was quite a bit of a laugh. We had to be all partnered off and my guy was cute (if not a bit short) but I don’t think he was interested. Ah well, you win some, you lose some.

Anyway it was good fun and there was a band on after the class so you could go up and show off your new found moves. They guy that had been dancing with L got me up and threw me around like a rag-doll. Continue reading

Vancouver part one

So today I arrived in this lovely city. It is located within breath-taking scenery, snow-capped mountains and water surrounding.

The people are lovely too. For the first time since crossing the Atlantic Ocean people have stopped to ask me OK when I pull out a map! This is something that would happen all the time in Dublin… we are friendly you know.

The bus journey up was kind of amusing. Four women and a bus driver on this big coach. Felt like we were being chauffeured.

I got through security OK, hint for travellers coming up to Canada from the US, make sure you booked the accommodation before you leave. I didn’t have to apply for any kind of ESTA to get up here for holidaying because of being from Ireland which is also dead handy. Continue reading