Buy one get one free

Is the way I am feeling currently. After being basically a born again virgin for the last two and half years, I had sex with two guys this weekend. 

Such a slut! But I enjoyed it and I figure if I cannot do it at 22 then when can I? 

So one was with the new guy. I like him. And then with the ex. I will always love him but I now know I am not IN love with him. It was all worth it! 

Walking like John Wayne though. 

Off topic

I am a bit of a television geek. One of the shows that I love is Entourage.

Now I have been told that it is a bit of a blokes show but I love it. It is the story of four best friends. One famous and good looking, the others trying to make their own way in the world of LA in his shadow.

Anyway I just watched the finale. I have been following the show for eight seasons and it was a bitter-sweet finish. Of course fairytales happen in TV and film. But it makes me realise how much I am enjoying my life right now.

I laugh everyday in my job. And when I say I laugh I mean sometimes my stomach hurts when I leave. Obviously there are bad days too but I just love the guys.

Also I have two guys in my life. I am having the fun that I have told myself that I couldn’t have for years. It is the catholic guilt you see. And even though I still have not slept with anyone but the ex I feel that I am young and hot and I need to enjoy it.

But mostly, I have not had a cloud day in a long time. ANYWAY I digress.

Entourage is amazing. It made me realise that while I am having fun I still want my fairytale. I am so getting my fairytale. I know I am not meant to being a modern woman and all that but it is going to happen.

I want the wedding and all.

Small, intimate and relaxed but amazing.

Also watched the season finale of True Blood and it made me feel horny. As it always does. I should start making booty calls after it.

Off to bed! Laters!

Date three

This one sneaked up on me. I didn’t realise it was here until it happened.

So this guy hadn’t kissed me at all for two dates, I was starting to think that he wasn’t interested in me. We had made plans to go to somewhere by the sea but because of the supposed storm approaching we thought better of it.

So down to my local we went. Had desert there and decided to come to mine and order pizza. TV watched, pizza ordered and then it began.

Oh the fun. No sex but topless, dry fun! My back  is in bits from the scratching and I am pretty sure I will have marks on other parts of me but it was very worth it.

I don’t know how I feel about him though. He is attractive but not hot. Funny but not hilarious. Nice not amazing. I have spoken to him more through texting and I really do not know how this guy feels about me either.

He is also a bit younger then me. I have never dated anyone younger then me. It feels a bit weird.

He smelt of sour milk. Bit in a good way.


So I met a guy out last weekend. None of this online lark went on with this one.

I liked him. He rang me when he said he would (I mean someone ringing me has ended up being quite a turn-on compared to the owel texting), he was tall, had a good job and a bit of money.

So I decided to put our ten year age gap aside and go out and have the laughs.

Lots of fun was had. Although he was ok with silences, and somehow I just didn’t find them comfortable ones. He seemed intent at just looking at me and telling me that I needed to smile. Thinking about it; it might have seemed a little odd.

Anyway I think that he would have bruised like a peach if I had unleashed all of myself on him. Anyway he had the smallest lips I have ever seen never mind kissed but oh well.

So we moved on to the second bar and got to more talking. It turned out that he is separated. For those of you not in the know. You cannot get a divorce straight away in Ireland; you have to wait four years. So that is right. Not only was he ten years older then me, but he was also MARRIED God damn it.

He only told me because he had actually come into my place of work for wedding preparations two years ago. Seemingly the marriage only lasted candlelight. She was sleeping with her boss.

I don’t think I could have hidden my shock so anyway there was more kissing afterwards and then he ran off to get the bus. He missed the bus, I passed him and he walked me to my bus. He grabbed my ass and all. I did find it a bit odd that when we were walking he didn’t once go for my hand.

Anyway he never asked me if I got home safe. I didn’t like this at all.

So the next day was a second date with Mr stingy. I just am not sure. I like him but he just seems so young. We “ran” into his mates who seemed about 10 and then he didn’t fucking introduce me. Anyway he apologised. Also he hasn’t even kissed me yet.

The third date will tell. I am starting to get pissed off because I am loosing ammo with the ex. I want to be too busy for him but yet I am so tired from work that I am in on a fucking Friday night.

Anyway off I go to relax and think happy thoughts! I love this song 🙂


I am a big fat one.

But boy was it fun! So I have two dates lined up this week with two lovely guys. Then I go and meet up with my ex tonight. What an eejit. Ended up back in the park bent over a tree. I am one classy bird.

He has a spell over me, I just know it. And he knows it too. I love him, he loves me. I want a relationship, he doesn’t. It isn’t even that he is playing the field. It is that he did for ages and now he is calming it down. I on the other hand did the opposite, I became a nun and now I am playing around a bit.

So anyway he doesn’t want me but he also wants no one else to. Sounds healthy ey?

But anyway fuck it! I am going to go out with Sailor and have a bit of craic on Monday and then on Tuesday have fun with Boxer.

Oh I know how to choose them!