I have arrived!

I am currently on my second day in America! What a culture shock… everything is so different.

People in shops (or stores) smile creepily at you when you walk in and “Awesome” is commonplace.  It is also very cool though. The Grocery stores are massive and there are bargins to be had! (Things can also be very expensive as well though so I think it kind of cancels out).

Plans for the holiday are still a little bit up in the air at the moment though… My friend M is still waiting to hear about work so plans can not be properly made.  The home that I am staying in is nestled in the forests and it is so pretty here.  We went to a waterfall today and because of all the rain it was very full. Continue reading

Interweb surfing

I saw this on 10 o’clock live and thought that it was priceless. 

I have been surfing the interweb a lot today (trying to follow the news and such) and have found some really interesting things.  Glen Hansard is on twitter (@Glen_Hansard) and tweeted about these epic mixtapes. So you can read about them here and then download them for free from Root Blog. They are called the Mississippi Recordings and are truly great.  If anyone finds a free programme that can split the tracks then please comment.

I also thought of the perfect album for road-tripping it down to LA from Seattle and back and had to buy it! I got The Essential Bruce Springsteen from HMV for €19.99, which I thought was a good bargain for three disks of genius.

On other notes I finally contacted the Citizens Information, and it wasn’t so bad! It looks like I might have the support to get somewhere to live.

Organising is my favourite part

Last week I finally secured the money and the time off work to do a bit of travelling. So come April 1st I am on a plane, on my own to the West Coast of America (although knowing my luck with flights I will arrive to have Aerlingus exclaim “APRIL FOOLS DAY you are not going anywhere”).

I am going for three months and it will be my first time over the Atlantic Ocean and I CAN’T WAIT! But the main thing is it will be the longest time that I will have ever spent away from my Mam, hence the blogs name.

For you to understand this massive move you must understand us. We are very close. Somewhere between siblings, best friends and mother and daughter. It is a bit unconventional but I wouldn’t have it any other way. But alas the time has come!

Most people do the whole moving away from family thing when they go on to college but I am somewhat of a late bloomer. At 22 years old I am going to spend the longest time away from my darling Mam (the previous record being ten days).

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