So I had one. Only not with the guy from last night. This is so not me! But boy was he yummy. Not as rough as I would have liked but it seems that even when I tone it down they think that I am.

Anyway we will call this guy KK and he has dated a girl for three weeks. He says it isn’t serious but then left me in town when she rang.

Oh how special I feel. One that couldn’t get it up and might be a player, the other that is so hot but may have a girlfriend.

Boy how I know how to choose them!


Dating 101

I can’t date. I am shit at it.

I have this thing. I like either being single or in a relationship. I cannot do somewhere in between.

So I found a guy that I quite like and I went on a date with him. It went well. We kissed A LOT.

But he comes across a bit of a player. Now I am still undecided whether or not he is. He is either lacking confidence and hides it by blowing his trumpet or he really does think he is Gods gift and gets laid all the time. I really don’t know.

And then came the second date. It wasn’t planned really, kind of a last minute thing. We went for drinks. We went to his house. I know I know. Bad choice for a good girl.

Once at his I was all like “I don’t do this, it is all or nothing for me”. His response was less interested “Well it has only been two  dates I cannot commit to that.”

This is fair enough but in all fairness I am used to either guys having no interest in me, or falling in love with me instantly. I have been told that I am the type of girl that guys fall in love with and also the type of girl that guys marry. I am not the playing around with girl. But I don’t think this seems to be the same with this guy.

So anyway we got back to his and he started pulling my hair. I knew then that all bets where off.

I like it rough. You really wouldn’t think it to meet me and know me but I learnt a long time ago that there is no way of telling these things.

But things got odd. He got a nose bleed and then it just couldn’t happen. Not my problem I know (seemingly I give the best blowjobs! I have never heard that before and I despise them so that was nice) and I got the dart home.

He wanted me to stay the night but I was in work today, also he has not texted me back. I decided to be the first one to text incase he thought that he couldn’t be the one because of the reason that it didn’t happen.

Boys boys BOYS!