I really liked Portland. I arrived there on Tuesday evening (it was meant to be midday but bloody Amtrak are a pile of crap) and I stayed until late Thursday.

I had such a nice time. Unlike most places I visit, I don’t really have any mad, crazy stories about the people I met. I spent most of my time alone. I think it is what I needed. Time to chill, just me, before I have to pack and get everything ready for NYC and then home.

Anyway the hostel was ok. I slept like a log the first night despite the fact that there was a snorer, the second night I didn’t sleep so well because the twin (I think thats how you say it when there is one set of twins) that shared our room spoke loudly in normal circumstances. They decided to host a gathering right outside our room past 3am with other hostel guests. This is against the rules and it was so bloody annoying. Other then that nothing annoying happened for the whole trip. Continue reading

SAM remix with a pole

So tonight L and myself went to SAM for a night of music and art that they call remix.

There was such a mix of people and some really good music that it was a really cool and enjoyable night. I enjoyed seeing the Nick Cave exhibition again too.

But before this we went to a pole dancing class which was so very enjoyable even if I did feel uncomfortable when the instructor started to feel herslf with her eyes closed. Although I am not sure if her having her eyes open would have made me feel any better.

I have the feeling I might have some bruises in some weird and wonderful places in the morning.


Today is a lazy day… a bit like Monday was too. But it gives me the chance to Skype Mam; otherwise the time difference is off.

Yesterday I had a really enjoyable day though. I went to SAM and saw the exhibits they had on. There was a really interesting one by a Nick Cave.

Now. Upon arrival I was convinced that the Nick Cave in question was that of Bad Seeds origin and I could barely contain my excitement. But alas, it wasn’t to be. Instead it was another, equally talented Nick Cave. The exhibit was exquisite, the amount of work that goes into his textiles creations was epic.

I then ended up in Pike Place Market(how I got there I do not know)  where I went into a lovely French Bakery – the name of it evades me – and had a brie baguette and chocolate macaroons. AMAZING. Last week while I was in the market I had a pastry-type thing from a Russian shop called Piroshky-Piroshky the queue for the place is a mile long but well worth it. I had the potato, onion and cheese one. Continue reading