What to do

I haven’t an idea about what to do.

This situation is unlike anything that I have been in before and nothing like I ever wanted to be in.

I miss him but I am still getting to know him. It is the strangest thing. We skyped yesterday and he was just so MEH about it all so I lost the rag. I told him that if he didn’t want to do it then not to. I am the one that is away from everyone not him.

He isn’t vocalising anything that he wants or feels in the thoughts that if he doesn’t vocalise it then he won’t get hurt. Obviously that isn’t how it works.

So I just had to tell him that if he couldn’t do it, the longer he goes on giving a bit, the more I would get hurt, and he would get hurt either way.

Thing is, it has only been a week. He won’t have phone sex. He won’t sexy talk. He hasn’t booked any flights. I miss him.

I have to say. Alarm bells have been ringing when he thinks it is weird to think about spending any longer than two days with someone. Something that he has never done. He is twenty frigging nine. No holidays or anything with a girl. Weird? The weird bit isn’t spending that much time with someone, it is having never done it!

Also. Job seeking in a new country fucking sucks. Can’t do anything incase I spend too much money and I am bored senseless. Hours on the internet sending email after email after email.


10 thoughts on “What to do

  1. Yes. I agree with you though. That is pretty old not to have spent more than two days with a girlfriend. It could be that he’s giving you a line. He might be waiting until you lose interest and move on. Either way, I think you should enjoy your experience in another country. Live it up. See what it has to offer instead of worrying. I wish you the best of luck and much happiness.

    1. Oh i plan to! I have never been one to sleep around so I guess it doesn’t change much for me anyway. I won’t be moving home to be with him anyway. He isn’t the type to feed a line, pretty much an open book but a tiny bit socially awkward.

      Thank you for your thoughts! X

  2. I agree with lovingthevoyage! I also think you should enjoy your experience in another country. After all, this is something amazing!

    I’m not sure but I think that a relationship that starts like that can’t make you really happy in the long run. I mean, the telephone sex and dirty talking thing is something, but never having spent more than two days with a girl is really weird.. are you sure you want to be serious with him?

    Good luck with your search for a job and take care! xox

    1. Thank you Monika. I am doing all the fun things don’t worry, nothing has stopped me. We started it very happy, it is just he cannot vocalise his feelings. If I was home i think i would want to be serious with him, but alas. We need more communication that we don’t seem to be having

      1. I’m glad your doing all the fun things 🙂 hmm I guess it’s difficult (almost impossible?) to be in a LDR with someone who doesn’t like to communicate. But I hope you’ll find something that works out for you!

      2. Exactly. I think we need a proper conversation through skype tomorrow. I am still learning about him, I don’t know his past so I don’t know his limits

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