I did it!

Today I have cried tears of joy, constantly giggled, and walked around Dublin with a somewhat inflated ego.

Why? You may ask. Well last night I danced my first burlesque solo routine infront of a couple of hundred people. I made a couple of mistakes, but seemingly no one noticed. In fact, I was told by three separate people (two of them not even my besties OR related to me) that mine was their favorite routine of the night.

The comments I have gotten, the sheer enjoyment from about an hour after the fact, and the pride that I have in myself has just made me feel like I am walking on clouds. I wanted to leave Ireland with a bang. I am leaving it with an almighty, slightly sexy explosion.

I love myself right now. I did this against everything that was stacked against it happening and nothing in this world will stop me from becoming whatever I want to be.

Now. To work out what I want to be!


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