Leaving things behind

It isn’t long until I leave. And I have met someone.

Okay, only had one date so far but we seem to have a very similar outlook on life, personality and sense of humor. I really like him. We will call him PC.

We went on a date, met at 7.30 pm and I got home at 3 am. He was a gentleman, he was lovely. He knows Stephen. I know his ex. That is probably why I want to leave Dublin so much, because everyone knows everyone, it is so annoying.

But anyway. I am now faced with leaving everyone I love and possibly leaving someone else that COULD be someone special.

I do have a couple of reservations. My friend has mentioned him before. He was her version Stephen, he didn’t treat her very well. But I am hoping that he has grown up a whole lot since then. I will have to judge it before anything else.

He is also pretty good friends with some of the bitchy friends that made my life with Stephen difficult. I guess that if anything is to happen it would be the WAY he deals with it rather than anything else.

I have got to figure out how much of this is me wanting to have that romance story before I leave and how much of it is me actually liking HIM. Oh fuck. I think I might actually like him.



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