It always surprises me how much anger one person can cause another.

It is possible that because I am a fairly kind and easy going person that I find it hard to imagine a point that someone will get to for me to get angry. And if I am completely honest, for me to feel anger, I have to be upset too.

I have been fairly upset and angry for the last couple of days and tonight I re read my last post about what was said about my supposed leakage.

I am mortified that my ex would imply that I smelt of shit because of crohns, because of medication. And the fact that he did it on the internet, on a forum that people know who I am makes me even more mortified.

I have been going through spells. I want to punch him mainly. But I keep on trying to think of something that I can come up with to really fuck him over. But in truth? I am angry at what he did, at him, but I actually don’t give a fuck about him. I don’t want to waste my energy putting it into anything to do with him.

I am channeling my hurt and anger into my performance for my solo. I am going to be the most successful person that I can be. Without him. And I am not once going to smell of shit doing it.

This is my new Titanium.


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