The mess

As I thought. Tonight was a mess. A nightmare in fact.

I ended up leaving, home by 9.30. I just couldn’t handle being there anymore. His date was lovely. A curvy half Zimbabwean, half Irish woman who was just lovely. He acted like a jackass. Not only did he put me in the situation, but he just did not act like a gentleman at all.

My friend aswell. I actually cannot help but blame her also. She should not have invited her date along. I should never have been put in the situation where I was literally in no mans land for the evening. About 5 minutes into the film I walked past him seated with his date right to the front of the place and just left and didn’t return.

I have gotten home, stuffed my face with sushi and cried. I cannot fault the girl but I couldn’t help but think I have more in common with this guy then her. But sure. Don’t we all know that life does not make any sense?

I am just hoping that my stomach recovers. I seriously thought that  was starting a crohns flare but I think it just turned out that I was shitting myself (literally) about tonight.

I actually think I have to go to Canada. I need to get myself out of this situation. I need to spread my wings and meet someone that won’t play games with my heart and body. That would make a change. That would be rather nice actually.


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