Role Reversal

I think that there is a time in everybody’s life that they become the parent to their parent. It happens at different times, usually the older they get and the more they need lucking after, that is where the roles reverse.

In my situation it is not that clean cut. I have always been the more organised and the more sensible of the two of us. And it being just the two of us means that it is more visable.

Take tonight for example. I stayed in to nurse my tonsil’s, mother went out with her friend. She comes storming in four hours later giving out drunkenly that her phone has been robbed. That she is sure of the evil couple that did it and the world is going to end.

Now I do get it. Getting a phone stolen is an awful feeling. But when you have had a chilled evening alone and suddenly you are thrown into a chaos of trying to find out her itunes password (she doesn’t know it, I ended up changing it AGAIN because surprise surprise her password is not 1234), trying to find the damned thing, calling the guards and trying to calm her down. Damn the drink. Doesn’t stress usually sober one up?

I don’t mean this to be a rant about my mother. She is really good and has been looking after me a lot for the last few days. But maybe it is the cabin fever that is getting to me or something.

Anyway a trip to the Guards station tomorrow. Hopefully there will be some hottie there!


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