We all have those things that you need people for. Me maybe more than others with my health and breakup.

But who do you call when you need someone? This is the problem I have been facing recently. I have a huge schedule of hospital appointments next week and Mam is away and I no longer have himself. So who do single people away from home call?

I have never been in this situation before. I have a brain scan and I am freaking out about it so I have to have someone with me.

I always though shows like Friends had it wrong. How reliant they were on people that are not even related. But suddenly I am feeling it too. I am utterly blessed with the people around me. I have one person coming with me and another 3 on the waitlist of people to come if she cannot make it. And those are only the people I told!

But it is scary. I am 25 and this is not the situation I thought I would be in when I was nearly 26. I curse him for everything that he has taken away from me. I have absolutely no stability. This I can never forgive


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