I have just realised how much has changed since I started this blog.

It was a travel journal. A way for me to map out my journey around America and then it was meant to document my life-changing move once I got home. Well you know what? I have had no life-changing move but I did have a life-changing journey.

I came back a new person and I met a new person. A person that I have had A LOT of rockyness with but someone that has made me believe in my dreams again.

He has made me believe that I am special and that I am one day going to get that boy, that marriage, that house, those babies, and live happily ever after.

He has lied to me… quite a few times. We are working on that. We have to because I am not ready to give him up. Who knows? He might well be The One.

It seems that he only ever realises the depth of his emotions towards me when faced with the prospect of loosing me. And I am not going to lie; there have been quite a few times that this has nearly happened. I have a trust issue (made worse by his lying) and this I am working on.

Any how. I am so happy when I am with him I feel like my chest is going to burst. I feel like such a different person to this time last year when I had a permanent black cloud over me and I was finding it hard to get out of bed.

I am blessed. Never let me forget this.


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