The 80s

So; the 80s is really fun! The clothes are fun, the music is cool and the dancing is rad.

Wearing a Dallas-style dress with huge shoulder pads and made of 100% polyester makes one sweat but it is all so worth it. THINK OF THE CALORIES!

Anyway after getting all dressed up with L we went to this bar downtown that a group had rented out for the party. K and her boyfriend were there and  it was so much fun. I started the night by getting fairly blotto but then of course sobered up as the night went on and the need for water because of excessive sweating increased. 

There were a few guys but nothing to write home about but we did have a whale of a time. Dancing as if we were in-front of our bedroom mirror is not overrated!

Anyway I love the big hair and the big makeup. I hate the big shoulders but I can look past that. I had a bit of a run-in with the DJ though. I requested two songs that he wouldn’t play because they were too “underground” whatever the hell that means.

Oh and we ran into the lead singer of Rammstein.


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