Always happens to me

I have come to the conclusion that the most random days ever are eternally going to happen to me.

This is no bad thing though… it means that I rarely have a boring and dull day. Today started out menial enough. I got the bus into Seattle (where it was raining – again) and made my way to the first order of business for the day. This business being buying ballroom dancing shoes.

I had been putting off buying them at home for salsa because I thought that I would be able to get them cheaper here and that there was going to be a better range. So off I toddled to a shop downtown that I had found on Google. Now, this shop had gotten mixed reviews with people saying that the owner had an attitude problem and such. 

I tried to rid these comments from my mind and to see what the place was about. It ended up being a fairly random shop. Dr Martins stood next to hooker shoes which were just above the array of ballroom shoes that he stocked.

At first I found the guy a little off-putting but I decided that I could win this man around with my charm and sparkling wit. It turns out that I can. I did this by telling him that he was wrong when he tried to inform me that he was “the best and one of the most well-known people”. I told him that I was so he must be mistaken.

Anyway I arrived in the shop at 12.30 and finally left at 2.15. You might wonder what the delay was, well first of all he told me of his female, Irish employee who “is so boring, she never goes out or does anything” and made me write down my contact details for her to come out with us this weekend.

Then after I had decided on the shoes I wanted and handed over the cash he disappeared to go to the bathroom. When he got back I started to leave when he stopped me and decided to give me an impromptu salsa class. So we cleared the floor in the shop and started dancing away. Mad.

Then I left to meet the Aussie. It was seriously pissing it down and I waited 20 mins for him but he never arrived. Got a missed call from him from someone else’s phone but I couldn’t hear him right and by this time I was drowned and on the bus home. To be honest I didn’t mind much that he wasn’t there to meet me, I was kind of dreading it after the cruise thing.

Anyway I got back to an email that said that his tour had finished later then expected and that he was sorry. The weird bit was that he went on to say,

“Well i would like to make it up to you when you come to Australia….I am in Sydney and will treat you like royalty if/when you come.

I am sorry you went to that effort and it didnt work out….definately will make it up to you.”

Now I don’t know about you but after the cruise offer I was starting to think that this guy had the wrong impression of me so I wrote (and I quote again) “I really don’t want to be “treated like royalty” maybe you got the wrong impression of me but my affections cannot be brought.”

Anyway I ended the email on a friendly enough note and the Aussie replied that he of course did not think this but I just don’t know so I think I am going to leave that one.

On another note I have decided who I am going to copy for the 80s themed night… the one… the only… MADONNA. M’s sister has a crimping iron and I am so very excited about that.

On even a more different note this video is so very funny. The Rubberbandits did it once again.


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