The aussie

So I am going to fill you in on the Aussie.

After spending the day with him we swapped email addresses and awkwardly hugged. That was all that happened between us.

So a couple of emails were exchanged and I was told that he was going to be here for the day tomorrow. All is good in the hood one might say.  So I was all like “Sure we can meet up, what do you want to do?” and he is all like “Do you want to come onto my five-star cruise boat for seven days up to Alaska for $150?” 

In my head I was all like HELL YE! But then the dreaded sentence “but we would have to share a room”.

Now. I have been single for a long time… too long actually but I am not at the stage of selling myself (and adding $150 to the cost) yet so I had to decline the offer even though it would have been amazing. So I am hanging out with him on Wednesday which should be OK.

Another thing was that my credit card decided to cancel itself so I had to spend €17 ringing Bank of Ireland… how annoying?! Anyway all is fixed now.

Oh and square dancing is A LOT of fun. Myself, K, L and K’s boyfriend went last night and we had so much fun. L was my man! HA


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