So the weekend just gone was when four girls took to the road and had a road-trip of epic proportions.

Everything started off a little weirdly with M and L. M wasn’t the most welcoming of people but once E arrived and we got on the road everything went swimmingly apart from a couple of moody spells on M’s behalf.

Anyway on the Friday we got the ferry to the Peninsula and then drove for what felt like forever. We brought supplies (which included alcohol, bit for the amount of rain we got it wasn’t enough) in Port Angeles and then drove on to the Makah Reservation. On the way we stopped off in the  Hot Springs in the Sol Duc area. The springs were man-made and not that impressive but the small waterfall nearby was pretty.

When we got to the campsite it was so wet it was unreal so we put up the tent in record time and then decided that more alcohol was needed but it was a dry reservation so it wasn’t to be. Anyway we cooked, we ate, we got a bit tipsy, we had Ding Dongs and then went to sleep where the wind collapsed the tent a little bit. But all in all it was the best camping experience I have had.

That just goes to show how bad my ones before have been.

So then the next day we went to the furthermost North-West point of Washington and it was beautiful. After that amazing view we went to the Hoh Rainforest to do the Hall of Moses trail which was so fascinating it was mad.

That night we stayed in a twilight-themed bedroom in a hotel in Forks. We went to  bar for drinks and it was mad! Real-life lumberjacks! Anyway it was so American it was mad. And we were so tired fairly early on in the night that we had to take it easy and went back to the room to watch the Twlight movies.

The next day started with a wonderful waffle breakfast (with bacon IN the waffle mixture) and then we headed to the Quileute reservation where we hiked to second beach and La Push. They were amazing and the sun actually came out for them!

And then for the touristy bit, looking in Twilight shops, and then driving to Port Angeles to eat in Bella Italia, which was really good food.

Then it was for the way home, exhausted and very, very full. Really enjoyed my first American road-trip and would love to do it all over again. Information on the trails we did can be found here.


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