One of those ones

It was one of those no-good days today. I didn’t really get anything done. I have been trying to put of the inevitable, contacting the Citizens Information Bureau about issues for my return (i.e. having no where to live when I get home and obviously no money).

I am great at planning but pure useless to planning things when there is a possibility that it might not turn out right. This is why I have never planned a birthday party and why I give up studying for big exams/essays a week before the date. It is so if something is going to be unpleasant then I won’t know until I am in it.

Anyway do I did some shit menial things today like get my feet eaten by fish at Sole Therapy (which was strangely ticklish but enjoyable), go to the dentist for a cleaning and shop for some new, cheaper glasses (so if they decide to break while I am away it is not the end of the world).

I really really need to start packing though. You might think that it would be easily done but there is a lot more involved.

For one, I have to pack for three months in one big and one little bag. Tricky because of the travelling I will be doing, the range of activities and the change of weather will be epic.

Secondly, I have to pack for a few days away in England so say goodbye to all my lovely family (no biggy).

BUT thirdly, I have to pack my whole life into boxes and bags to go into storage (I don’t know where yet) until I come back. Of course I don’t know where I will be moving back to yet and because of my general failure I have yet to ring the people and ask will they please, please pretty please help me.


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